Sunday, July 03, 2011

the hardest life ever.

haha its not the end of the world yet. but its just a propaganda introduction. that's it.

just back from pantai timur first everything is just fine but when we arrived in kuantan. everything change. its like a nightmare for me. i never experienced this kind of situation. so its so creepy and freaking me out. my mental is not stable for a time being because of it.

when she started to scream and calling out my name. i already frozen , i cant feel my legs anymore. and i cant even stand nor sit. can you imagine how scared i was that time. thank you ALLAH it just a day staying there. however the impact still alive till today. but alhamdullillah still manage to forget about it a bit i guess.

and now currently too busy. i dont even have time to have my breakfast lunch, but i tried so hard not to skip my dinner. argh... time is always jealous with us, but not when our tummy crawling and begging for food huh..
i cant no longer blog walking which at first i though after finish this semester am going to blog walking everyday. but it turn out differently form what i hope it should be.

got another exciting thing to do, heeee love the new stage of life. am already passed the stage of having sweet dreams in life. starting to enter the war zone in next 5 months!!!