Friday, April 29, 2011

why am still can act cool?

nape aku cool sangat nih..?? ha nape nape..? esok ade paper.. ye ye baru paper ker2.. hebat kan.. paper cos kite org tiap2 sem penutup tirai uitm. hey i lap uitm very2 much.if... okay mesti ade IF.. klu my pointer is super duper HOTTTT yeah.. sgt syg uitm.. hahahha

oh yeah.. saye ade lagi 2 chapter tak kaver untuk paper esok. but then am still kan laying down and watching THE ROOMMATE... gile laaa klu aku dpt rumate cm tuh.. rumat skang pon dh cukop buat penin pale.. padahala rumat aku ni BAIKKK .... ape la nak jadi ngan manusia skang..

ohh rugi x join dorang lunch ari. gara2 nak tido gegile aku x join drg lunch.. nape ko join.. nko nko.. alahahahaha jelesss ngan non.. iskkkk ...

homaigod.. he just posted something in GBS wall... aii geram2.. hahahah... jeless beno nye...

oh no.. am i smiling right now??? okay gile full stop here. gud luck mektok..

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

such a loser

the worst part of me is when the first paper is tomorrow and i cant read any books. and the most most most important part is i dont even remember a single word. scary huh. this is first time it happens to me.

saya perlukan doa. saya sangat takot, tapi saya tak ble nak tgk buku. saya sangat takot, tapi ape gune takot sebab paper esok. jadi skang saya gile!!!!!!!!!!!!

no!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to maintain my result.saya x nak baya hutang pt.. no way. tp klu cenggini care nye cam ne. cam ne. cam ne.. arghh nak gile siyessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

arghh kepenatan otak

hey guys, final exam is just around the corner, and i as usual stil wandering without doing anything. few days ago i was so extremely scared that i couldn't make it on time, but then last night i still went out so called release tension!! what kind of tension? don't ask me,!!! i tension because im not ready for final, i didn't start yet and the number keeps on decreasing, i mean the days.. oh no.. rapidly you know.

and yes when i wake up this morning , am yawning lazily, but then something interesting came up. oh no. DIA text me," weh ngan sape ko bermanja2?" and am just so excited and called my mom.. hahaha guess what..

i don't know. it is because of my age of what. mama always encouraged me to do something different this time. i don't know.she's different this time. maybe because she scared. no not scared because of losing me. she will be thankful for it am sure !! hahah.. i love you ma. :)

and thanx for the advice. but am still in the right mind. am not going to do that. oh no way ma!! hahah..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

please dont

dear heart, please dont do this to me.. serious!!! i am serious.. i am damn serious !!!!...

just back from bangi after having lunch with my bonda, then at 4 my darlings came, and we went to cadbury factory for interview, then to ole-ole seksyen 18, then to ayam penyet, then to the curve, then the last destination to empire. superb and awesome outing but a bit exhausted.

saye bukan nak ckp pasal kua sane sini..

saya rindu my bonda/.. tgh buat ape ntah agak nye..

ps: saya lupe kol mak saya
pss: saya ni anak ape.. ma i miss you

Thursday, April 14, 2011

spoil mood betOl la.

hari nihmmg malas gile nak gi klas even klas ade 1 itu pon x sampai 2 jam, tapi malas jerk macam dok bawa batu bata atas dada .. adeh la.. makin terok penyakit ni. makin nak final makin bengap orang lain pon cam ni ker..??

aku dengar2 budak2 UKM dah leh njoy mase 1st paper aku.. x ke sakit ati.. adik aku dah abis paper.. kite baru nak start... UITM please la buat improvement.. we need to do something in order to avoid them to leave us behind.

i was like..??? ekkk dh abis... we not even start yet.. whattt the kan..??

and lately... dose aku makin bertambun2.. and now aku rase aku paham la nape aku jd lembs a. k . a bengap.. terlalu banyak mengumpat!! sangat!!!

bleh x ko balik segamat balik. dosa aku x banyak and pahala ko bertambah... why me!!! again and again men.. i cant stand it anymore. need to do something. and those child is really amazing but when it comes to religion they really bad on it. so what the purpose of having me as an adult there??? the worst part is me!! no improvement but went worst all the time.and againts the principles!! too pressure men.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

berhenti berharap

Saya tak berharap, dan tahu jerk kalau berharap terlalu tinggi,yang sakit hati nanti sendiri juga. Jadi berharaplah pada yang perlu. Ker na saya Pasti tuhan kan lebih tahu,lebih mengerti.
Dan siapalah saya nak menetapkan had-had tertentu,kerna saya juga bukan sempurna di mata sendiri apatah lagi di mata orang.

saya nak belajar redho, belajar terima hakikat, belajar tabah. walau saya tahu sakit dan perit menerima kekesalan itu sangat terasa hingga ke tulang rusuk. tapi saya nak redho.

yang baik pada pandangan kita, mungkin bukan terbaik untuk kita. kerna saya pasi Tuhan lebih tahu. saya juga x akn diuji kalau saya tak mampu kan.??

tetibe terase nak dgr lagu sheila on 7.. aku berhenti berharap.. datang tunggu nya ....

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

target wooOowW..

target beno nye tahun ini, tapi apakan daya, kita manusia merancang, ALLAH juga merancang, tapi tahulah kita bahawa rancangan ALLAH mngatasi rancangan kita.

saya sangat berterima kasih pada yang bersungguh2 membantu, tapi ketahuilah dari sudut ati yang kecik ni, saya manusia penuh kekurangan.terlalu banyak, tapi kadang2 hati saya tamak, saya mahukan kesempurnaan, walau tau diri sejuta kali x sempurna, sume orang macam saya kah?

hubungan saya dengan adik saya bertambah baik, saya x nak salah kan takdir,saya juga tak nak salah kan sistem telekomunikasi juga, sebab message yang saya hantar suda di reply oleh adik saya, cuma x sampai, tapi malam tadi sume dh terungkai, alhamdullillah.

sekarang saya makin sedar, yang saya adalah jenis manusia yang sangat pentingkn diri,saya kate saya tak kesah tapi hati saya pedih, saya kata saya terima, tapi hati saya begenang,saya nak jadi wanita yang dalam hati dia ade agama, bila ada agama kesempurnaan itu akan datang.

saya manusia pendosa!!!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

awesome outing :)

my intention when i changed this font is, that nobody can read it, so they don't know what am i talking about, but i couldn't insist that mek managed to read it well.

another good story to add ons my list of memories, friday morning, when we struggle to wake up early, we've been told that class cancel, the lecturer got ciken pop, so my presentation cancel too, i don't my at all, and i don't know why, then continue with BEL class, and everything went well since the presentation quite interesting. after finished BEL class, i'm rushing back to my house to have my tea( super duper tea) ...

then went to CTU class for my presentation, it was sucks, but i end up happy , i don't know why too, and the worst part is, my writing is not included in our report, even thou i'm little bit surprise, but i managed to cool down. and everything end smoothly.

then we decided to have bowling match, i'm not good in bowling, but at least asadu is the worst.. hahh i love his smiles, so sweet seh...and it not ends there, because we go for dinner. and the mazing thing is he sat in front of me. i was.. like arrrrr floating in the middle of chatting.. kind of excited. this chance wouldn't come easily. so please use it .. fully utilize seh.. :) then we proceed to another place, kolam air panas at hulu langat. so superb.. it was amazing, it just we didn't bring our cloth, so the girls just end up wash their legs. that's it. but the boys swimming like hell. i'm so jealous with them. but what to do.

then we continue our day to Bukit ampang to see the view of Kuala Lumpur in Mid night. it was stunning and glowing in the top. i was like.. wahhh so beautiful meh.. end having our chit chat again. it was super...

and trick dayana to sleep at asadu house is so funny, because every body into it. hahahha so funny alhamdullillah and thank you ALLAH for everything because it went smoothly.

the actors and actoress: me, ween, dee, non, nik, asadu, codek, bear, and our baby.. hahah ceraf.. :) thankx for last night darlings.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

kalau berat yang menjadi ukuran..

susah la kan.. aku maleh dah nak pikir2.. hey ALLAH already decided who's going to be our partner, the matter is the time, early or a bit late than others. kind of down when it turn up not so well. stop talking about losing weight because it hurts me even  thou its true.

its just not too good to be true meh this time : <(  i was like, erkk/??? at first i was quite frustrated, but then i keep on telling  my self, ALLAH loves you, that's why he tested you with all this things . so please my dear heart. chill please :)

and since the weight is also the tool of the measurement, so it turned a bit complicated because I'm not the one in the list and as usual its sooooo hurt my feelings seh!!!  frankly speaking i cant act tough anymore, because I'm my heart actually is so so so fragile mehh!!! hahah , I'm not jealous.. heh a bit maybe.. hahah but its natural isn't it?  and I'm not desperate at all when it comes to this matter it just .. what should i say heh.. nature calls maybe ..??? same as when we go to toilet even thou we don't want to, but in order to throw it away we need to. so it is la... hahah quite complicate to understand isn't it? yes it isss

and when ever the weight is the topic of the day, i'll became more and more sensitive even its just a joke!!!
for the sake of my pride, be tough darling :)

Sunday, April 03, 2011

saya bukan tuhan

normal la kalau siang nangis malam hepi, normal la kalau time kite nangis orang hepi, tapi lebih tragis time kite nangis kawan kite pon same. hahahah

buat ahmad fikri, bukan jodoh ko la. melepas dh pon..hahah nangis air mata darah pon ko x kan dapat cik piah.. dulo aku panggil die piah.. marah bebeno.. nak suh gak panggil name penoh.. " name die safiah la bkn piah" ... alahaiii same lah tuh..adik sepupu aku pon name sapiah.. aku panggil die piah cool jerk...

  • Ahmad Fikri
    10 minutes ago
    Ahmad Fikri
    • uwaaaaaaa

... oh diatas antara statement yang di keluarkan.. hahah nasib la nasib.. die bukan wanita yang tuhan cipta dr tulang rusuk mu. so cool la..

Saturday, April 02, 2011

tuhan bantu mereka

adeh la...hari nih banyak cite yang sedey berbanding cite yang gumbira.
mula2 tadi pas bangun tidoq aku de appointment ngan sorang brader nih....sekali die bawa kawan and sepupu die da.. punye la henssem ..yang slek gg jekr..hahah ( bley lagi nak komen2 buruk kan)  yang brader lagi sorang nih x hensem tapi kuit..perghh semngat2..hahha okay cukop pasal brader2 nih.. xpenting pon.. yang penting misi aku jumpe ngan brader2 ni.. and sudah pon settle.. so kite jumpe lagi sebulan erk..erk.. heheeee

okay di atas itu cerite sgumbira, jom kite cite sedey lak.

kawan aku si farah leh plak ilang laptop,, boleh kan.. laptop ilang pelik2..tapi aku kesian kat die. bayang kan lah laptop kite yang ilang..perghhh kurus nangis wehh... dah le asement melambak2 cam pasar lambak atau joget lambat.,..berat2 pale otak

kedua kawan aku syuko lak , nenek die meninggal dunia petang tadi, moga diletakkan diantara orang yang beriman, insyaALLAH..mudah2an..

yang ketiga assignment islamic eco  yang sgt pening.. weh korang!!! kalau dh tau x expert bab ni.. tolong la tuko tajuk.. x derk cinfident langsung nak present.. sampai bile nak gorang tapi kosong...!!! 30% tuh..aku nak A la wehhh.. aduhhh .. geram tol...

oh yeak lupe ade satu lagi berite gumbira. cerite sedey habis sudah.. 

gud news nye ialah tadi kami test, TETAPI jawab dalam group..hebat tak..hebat x.. tapi allhadullillah.. even buat lone ranger pon insyaALLAH ble jawab la. tapi dah suh buat group, mane leh lawan ckp lecturer kan.. hahaha heaven!!!