Friday, April 22, 2011

arghh kepenatan otak

hey guys, final exam is just around the corner, and i as usual stil wandering without doing anything. few days ago i was so extremely scared that i couldn't make it on time, but then last night i still went out so called release tension!! what kind of tension? don't ask me,!!! i tension because im not ready for final, i didn't start yet and the number keeps on decreasing, i mean the days.. oh no.. rapidly you know.

and yes when i wake up this morning , am yawning lazily, but then something interesting came up. oh no. DIA text me," weh ngan sape ko bermanja2?" and am just so excited and called my mom.. hahaha guess what..

i don't know. it is because of my age of what. mama always encouraged me to do something different this time. i don't know.she's different this time. maybe because she scared. no not scared because of losing me. she will be thankful for it am sure !! hahah.. i love you ma. :)

and thanx for the advice. but am still in the right mind. am not going to do that. oh no way ma!! hahah..

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