Wednesday, November 30, 2011


after settled down with first trip, now second trip has began. we cant avoid problem but at least try to minimize it!! i dont know why all the lecturer act this way. and we as a student end up paying everything. thank god if you offered your self to pay for it.

thousand thanks to Westport first for the free trip visit. very appreciated it, at least 1 problem is down. to get your approval is already difficult now my proposal got the approval but there is no budget!! to difficult to survive in this field when it comes to money.

sorry guys, you all still need to pay for it. cheap one.!! hope you can forgive me.!!

now i realise i dont have leadership skill. what skill available outside. please absorb into my body, so then i can come out with more more more confident out there!!

dear Allah,

you know what is the best for us, let us cry first, then give us shine, as shine as the sun could be!!

its all my faults anyway!!! i admit smileeee

be strong brain drain! hahha

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

1st trip done

trip yang paling tak besh penanh aku rase. xderk feel langsung. host company cam x tau nak organize, and keep on asking same question. ewash bajet aku nak tulis report la plak kat sini kan.

ape yang besh nyer???

 makan doyan dengan pelahap nye. sgt super duper owsem. finally. berakhir nya keinginan nak makan doyan. tgu ayah bonda pulang. naik balik wish list ni hahahah''

next is. clas petang cancel.. yahooo. sape ade smngat nak blja. kite org kua awal pagi. balik. almost 4, tetibe suh msuk klas kol 4.10. mmg tak la. sape pegi mesti dpt empat rata aka 4 flat!! sape nak/???

skang aku lapa. tapi aku kan on diet ( nyampah tol asik ckp psl diet jekr) ,,, nak makan ape erk.. siyess sape leh bantu sya kurus kan badan??? saya bagi adiah! ape die??? banjerk krg nasi goreng cina. hahahahha !! ( kalori tgi tuh)

Monday, November 28, 2011

esok pagi aku de trip

ade sesape nak ikot p trip??? sape nak ikot please hands up!! now!

hahahha bajet jerk kan ( nyampah kot tgk org tulis ayt cm ni, tgk skang aku yg buat)

okay esok aku de trip, p siyess jauh gile. hahah pi somban jerk hah!! jauh kan. x smpi sejam dah sampai klau naik bas. kalau jalan kaki dlm setengah ari dah sampai, kalau lalu laut masuk kot prot dickson mgkn dalam 3 hari. x jauh pon!! hahha

buat ape sane. adek2 aku cm pelik jerk. blaja mende lain. p tampat yang tarak kene mngena ngan subjek la plak. haku pon tarak tau. kene tanya sama uitm la. asal buat SM sebagai slh satu subjek wajib! pening mak jemah memikio kan nye!!

dear madam, please esok kite akan naik bas besama2, menuju ke somban bersama2, mgkn makan besama2, mgkn akan lihat muka saya besama2. jangan la madam marah2, senyum la sokmo2.

ya tuhan mudah kn sume perjalanan kami esok! tiadalah hendaknya sebarang masalah mahu pon kesukaran yang timbOl ..aminn

regards, student baek

birthday aku dh lepas

so what , even thou it past already, tapi x basi kan. so aku cam poyo nak ckp aku dah suku abad, nothing to be proud, others at my age, they already getting married, and some already have bundle of babies, ko hade???

obviously the answer is NO

so what, im not a god, i dont know anything about his secret, what can i do is keep on praying. " korang doa kan la aku sekali. jgn la kemut sgt"

happen to be this time around, am alone. my parents not here, my lil siblings not around, it just asma here and we had mini celebration between us.sounds too pathetic kan?? but who cares,

had our dinner ( kan aku ckp aku ondiet/ tp mlm  to aku off ) sbb my birthday kan x kn nak diet lagi. where?

finally o- shima cafe at Plaza Alam sentral.
pictures?? thousands of pictures were taken. but where were the pictures??/ dkt adik aku .. so x leh nak upload.

review psl makanan jepon!!!

am not really into rebung. it smells really killed me. rase nak pitam. but its diff from our rebong la.
so what kind of ramen aku amin; korean ramen and my lil sis, aku tatau die makan ape. x ingt
 tapi sushi aku makan sbb comel and sedap. tapi nak habis kan. hamboii rase mcm nak pengsan.

maklum la ai ni orang kampong!! x bese mkn pelik2.

korang hari ni aku lunch kat mohd chan bangi, so sape nak autograph moh ke sane ( ayat siyes poyoh) nyampah!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

ops. no today is not the day

korang silap erh!! thats the only thing that i can think that time. today is not my birthday.

its tomorrow princesses!!!

but then why the flour is all over my house, not outside okay. the flour is inside my house. but it still okay. a plate broke, and its still okay guys!!

thousand thank,

cute tak entry ni.!!! for the first time aku sume bile uitm ubah cuti. selama ni asal besday aku jerk, cuti skola, cuti sem!!!

but this year guys, finally theres someone would like celebrate my big day with me!!

sumpah aku cam indon mase drg tgh campak tepong!! banyak2 terime kasih, kim salam banyak la plak aku nak upload pic gojes tuh kan!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

shes not that cruel

she is very understanding person actually. at first i should admit it also one of our fault, by over looking it in deep.
and i cant believe it still about madam, shes just too particular and perfectionism person i guess, its good yes i admit but for those who like me of course we do feel annoyed sometimes

called me just now and even apologize for coming late and we end up couldnt meet each other, tomorrow morning insyaALLAH  will meet after lunch. ( kene bebel la aku esok)

oh im so tired( not really actually) and still on diet,

tapi aku nk tnya klu krg tau bab pemakanan, aku sgt addicted to pau sambal and you know it contains lot of oil and etc. x pe ke aku mkn arrr... aku skang nak consume calori dgn rendah nye. tapi klu tiap2 ari mkn pau mati la kan.

sape2 pakar pau plz bg tau bape kalori dlm pau. tolong la. nak kurusss sket jerk lagi. mkn dekat nak capai target makin payahhh! nafsu mkn is so overacting okay. stop it. behave and have a discipline baby!! its for yaa

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

happy day day day

at first i think its a small matter only, but once i did it, i realized how difficult it was. i was the project manager for the event, insyaALLAH this coming Tuesday, at first all goes well, once i got the approval letter from faculty and transportation unit, madam suddenly call off the trip. she did gives us choice, but to call off the trip is such a waste so we tried to find out another place and alhamdullillah again , approved by senat and so on, again she want some changes to the tentative. what a headache it is huh??

shes a very particular person. i dont think i can get an A for this paper. please madam, just go on with this one!! please. No  i dont hate you. and why should i!!! please guys , pray for me, let it success!!

and another disappointed thing is i didnt manage to it ramen today. she ( this girl) suddenly turned me down! at first say yes later say No. say it out loud, NO at first and let it be No forever darling. but its okay, all this thing happen for a reason ! having our lunch at seksyen 8 shah alam, and it was awesome!!!

and the diet is still on!! beat it baby

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

musim makan menggila. im on diet okay

ahhh so difficult to hold your appetite when your stomach craving for more. and its happen to me.

for a time being , i think my stomach craving for this. and it is a very long list hahah, but for this week , this two is enough, more than enough i guess hahah

1. seoul garden

venue: pantai dalam mall
date: 24/11/2011
day: Thursday

2.oshima cafe

venue: plaza alam sentral
date:23/11/2011 (tomorrow)

oh yeah berjaya atau x??? tgk misi makan saya!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

you!!! welcome back here

miss you very very very much. as much as this big!!( OPEN MY ARMS WIDE OPEN) <- how bit it was huh!!!

today is frisay, couldnt back, got modul tomorrow morning. seriously i wish i could be there on my sis big day!!  small kenduri for having new house, she's so excited, we even cat her house, its so meaningful even i just help her a bit.

suddenly i missed my sister badly. got tons of test and assignments, but then still relaxing here and there, continuously watching movies and dramas. gonna to abandon the new blog huh!!

oho last tuesday, i attend an interview, super duper leisure interview, i prepared a lot i guessed but nothing extravaganza question. just a plain one and i think you/ others could answer it boldly.

venue: bank syariah muamalat indonesia,kl
time: 11.00 pm ( you know what i came soo early. early as 9.30 am already there.) punctual gile kan???

done with this lol story