Saturday, July 13, 2013


i cant even believe my self. somehow i felt really miss blogging, but i just dont have time to write or too lazy to write.

yeah if you look back at the last entry, it was last year, the day i went away? hahah the day we are getting married, after few months. let me count first how many months has gone. 7 or almost 8 months has past. and not even 1 entry. superb me!!

yeah married, and momma to be insyaALLAH this coming Oct. pray for me. and BIG tq in advance

today is 13th July. 4th Ramadhan right. i want to breakfasting at my mom house. but it looks like hub has another plan to do. Its not that i dont want to join him. hey but look at my condition. with this super big tummy, you can even survive in 2 rakaat of terawikh. i perform my terawikh duduk okay!!

haish!!1 nak buka umah mama.... sob sob sob..

oh yeah another reason is . iam so lazy to cook. i get tired easily. back pain. i want to share my pregnancy stories here. but not now.

still want to add something, i dont know why. but i hate my current job. is it because of my boss or because of i pregnant. plz tell me because preggy!! hahahah