Thursday, May 24, 2012

final week!


alhamdullillah.. last week gonna be our last week together, 3  months has past just like that, cant believe that time flies this fast. working here as a trainee, at first this is not what i imagine working life could be, but this past 3 months taught me a lot.

i dont want to mention the company name, let it be unknown for a while. few weeks ago there is a crisis between manager and permanent staff, but if you asking my opinion. i would say this is what will happen no matter where you go, manager would not satisfied with you and you too always talking back!! this situation is normal. but its not healthy obviously!!

but seriously i learn a lot, meeting new friends, new environment, new things!!! i cant be expert but at least i know something new!!

really need a holiday with friends

jom broga!!!!