Tuesday, May 31, 2005

flu+ fever

hhemmm got fever + flu...oh hohh....difficult when i want to sleep...n i can breath like usually..oh hohh..i'm be like dis...l mis him..yes i do..

at the evening ...i chat wif pda...thnx cos be my caunselor..hahaha...some times i think i want break of wif him..sometimes i dont..sometimes i mis him..n sometimes i dont..what kind people of me...juz have a feeling of sometimes..

when me chat wif the same time i chat wif my sayang..he admonish me 1st..some times when ego come up..all things will going our going worst day by day...what shlould me do to make sure that i love him..n he do a same thing..:)me donnoe

when he said that he love me..i'll think..he is a liar..did he..? me donnoe..we stay at a diffrent stage n diffrent's a far away from me..everything can him...n me..

he said thet he missed me...did he..?oh..i donnoe...i cant write flu became worst...aarrgghhh help me...

Monday, May 30, 2005

what wrong wit me today

today i go to b4...i'm late today..then i need to find park my i deside to park my car beside lrt stetion.. oh my got, it exspencive.. i heve forgotten dat i only have one paper mean i back early...but should i do..i have paid n i late..sigh*

then go to clas...the subject have been changed ohh...tension..!! i read onother bookk..not dis history now need to change it..shistory...arrgghh..
still do come me wanna drop it..i'll fail if i drop dis subject..

at back..n go to lrt train at 10 min left...juz wait at station..dowanna go anywhere...quite tired train..i tired n my body very sick..ohh what wrong wit i got sleep..very well..but i have miss my station..arrgg...then i need to change my station i get down from train..i back to the my last station..

when lunch..i so at 3..i go find some food..but they have finished it..huarrggg...i'm is a tension day 4 me..i got headche

Sunday, May 29, 2005

miss ma blog

yeahhhh i've changed my layout dis is 1,2,3,4rd layout dat i ve used..i like dis layout so much...dis its abtract ..i ve took it ar i know bout dis blogskin..

ok xtually i know bout it from elle..sha have told me to take lyout from tehre but ..on dat time i dont know how to find i have basic how to change it u have said elle...1ftly it's quite di fficult bcoz we donnoe right..buTt...after we know...we alwayz wanna change it every day..ahak'sss

i missed ma blog..last week we celeberate teacher's kinda u imagine...ok my got..i really bored on dat day..wat kain of teachers are them..but o really apperciate waht they have done to me ...

they have teach me..alot of knowledge..n they never say bored ...of...very luv week i'll sit 4 exam ...wish me luck..:) next week...oh if tomorrow never come..?

i like akim's blog..plaine n simple..n dat song really make me happy..even dat song bout lonely guys...ahakSss..:)akim me like how u talk bout ur life...but dont dosent mean dat we likelove each other right fren..
to mrs lonely...i'm not who like guy juz like dat..i have my own life..n i know today i live bcos of what...:)dont worry akim n me its nothing.u like dosent matter to me...:)

Thursday, May 19, 2005


*sigh*..lately i quite much thing need to mny time i waste here..change dis...change dat..but nothing but dont have any meaning...huhh..just wasting a need find some thing to do esei..i have no idea how to create esei..huhu..can some one help me..

i try to find it at esei in google but nothing can't help me there...huhu...pliss..i seriously need present it next week..of...seriously..made me got headache again...some ime it getting worst...but i think now it getting worst day by day...something wrong wit my head..

nothing need me post here...juz eppy bcos my little she's cute mo me god..she is...luv u so much:)

Sunday, May 15, 2005

met old frend

today i met my old friend..did he my fren? i've meet him when i wan take my car licensen..but on dat time..i failed in my law exam..but he passe he continue more futher do same thing until me passed...after 3 times xtually..huhu..pity of me.!!

i have'nt remember his name...what arr..?hafiz...?fahmi ..syafiq...donnoe ler...or what..i cant remember it..but long time havent see him..hemm now he really handsome man..may lah..he not...he juz have a little cute of moustache..heheh ...

chit-chat wit him 4 a while..then he bla..huhu...nice talking wit him..

kinda bored today...:(

my new layout..

it's nit mine..hahah...juz changed a new it so much...mey b b'coz cute..i like all de cute things...even my kitten i also choose which one cute n i'll take de cute one..huhu..

ana who's one of my freind who also remember me...she juz missed kol me few minute ago..huhu...lately me quite tired..mayb coz i take part time work..huhu...i'm me..need to drinks kacip fatimah..huhu..what wrng wit me..

since me know how to use strike me always use bad word to strike dont want to delete it...juz strike it..wakaka...what de lazy gal in de world..tonight i'm sleepy..but i've met new to know bout her more..

me like her, how she she said...n how she she have sleep may sleepy..gonna sleep missed have remember some one...faizal

like him..very kind n politely person...always say sorry even he not making a mistake..heheh...he have a nice smile...if all of u have see him..u will agree wit what i've said..:)

Friday, May 13, 2005


today kinda bored...thnx alot to kristal...coz came here..huhuhu...

today me go to luv try to caculate my it gonna what..or we will stay to gather..fisrt me caculate me wit raof..huhu..but me not to luck...coz the owner's juz 43%...our relation it over..may be...when arr..?

raof me juz wanna tell u ..sometimes i missed u..sometimes i donnoe y..?my cousin have told me dat i should'nt say dat me hate u..even on dat time i really miss u..but where r u when the times dat i need u..

me dont want dis relation anymore..i think we should break...4 de second ..time..juz give me time to juz wanna concentrate wit my life..only...i think dat best thing dat i should do now..

now i'm mrs lonely..heheh...i'm lonely.i've no body to call my own

missed them..

donnoe want talk bout what...xtually juz wanna say thnx alot to ana coz still remember me know u still remember me...even me havent a six sence but me know lah..ana how are u there....sometime me think dat im lucky...even we not so close now but we still remember each other missed u loRr

si i've heard dat u wanna drop account class...why huh.? it's difficult...when i took dat also cant catch up it...seriously quite difficult..or me lambat tangkap how ur life there..n how ur relation wit" taqi".ended..if end...juz find onother friends lol.. also missed u la r u huh..?fine or still got gastric..?so since u start have ur holiday..i hvent heard bout u anymore...just wanna tell...enjoy ur holiday...see ya...c,')

Sunday, May 08, 2005

eppy mother's day to my mama

eppy mother's day to my mama....luv u so much...donnoe what should me say more....ermmm to another mam's in dis wordl..eppy mother's day...huhu,,,,great word's u know....meaning of mom's...

when we pragnent...on dat time times we know how difficult to bring....ur stomouch...n in side got baby..huhuhu..weight....dont say sista when she pragnent she's weight is 89 ..huhu...a lot of eat..every minutes....she mouth fulled...hemm...

now she's baby 7 month old...cute n very intelligent like me..:) sista also she said..she luv she's baby so luv her daugther mama thank's coz being my mama..for the whole in my life..i'll never forget of u...luv u a lot...mmuuahh...

mama...thank's coz give us...wht ever we want u buy it...give it to us..but we never thankful...mama...sorry...coz never be a good child...sorry..i promise dat i'll change my "erk"...heheh...i wanna be a good gal...gat my promise and i 'll prove wait n see..

Saturday, May 07, 2005

what a sick day

today...huhu..tonight my stomouch sick...huhu....y?may b me've drink's not a plenty water..hahah..cos we goes to my aunty house..n she got a caremony there..his son..the only son dat' she have...getting married got a small caremony today.....wh the jawa person ...

so me took tomyam,rice juz a little lol..n potatoes.n cup of syrap..ohhh really made me replete..huhu...then chit chat...coz long time we never seen each other after my sister we meet again so lot of story ...

at3.15 we back...i'm so tired..huhu...long trip...from here to klang town...kapar may b dat' donnoe dat road xtually...huhu...n tonight me chat sign in at cn,...n dat's nick scared even say hye...

n seriously he admonish me...huhu...quite scared.then me juz ignore him..n a while he called me..he got my no lol..all my faulth,,play wit me got it when he called dont think dat me wanna to asnwer juz let it go...after that he sent me a msg..huhu...seriously me dont want to reply.hohoo...juz let him wit him never disturb u..
so plis...dont disturb me..dat's all..

sleepy n the sweet memories

me quite sleepy..but me donnoe y me still dont want to me..pliss...somebody help me..after a long time me kept my self in the dark room..y?? me also donnoe,,,xtually me blurr to night n me missed my dad so much...did u feel same thing dad..??

4 de 1st time me cried when me read the holy book..."alquran" surah yassin when nenek past away 1 n half years ago...n 4 de second time i cried when i drove back at home after abg long sent u to seri that time me know..ur r so important in our life...xtually mama,kak cik,caca,adam,asma,also me n kak ila also cried dad..

tonight me read yassin ,,,but me not cry donnoe what me feel right now..may b me missed u a missed nenek too..since she's gone...ur life empty mayb,..that the only thing can i donnoe what u feel ..but me know that u missed her too..

dis sunday's mother's day dad...did u bring or give something to ur mom's..let me give u an idea's...send to her the softly surah...u get the pahala..n she'll get the peace there..insyaALLAH,,,

Friday, May 06, 2005

a long time i never seen

ermm lately i quite bz...n let my blog juz like dat...sory to you my luvly blog...xtually i try to create new blog..but dont know..what going on...with the start of's difficult to create new one..huh..!seriously make me mad..!i'm really boring wit that things...hang!!! me juz wanna new blog wit new name...heheh...

today i try to do same thing like b4..try to put friends link here...i really hope that it will made it tonight...huhuhu..what the word that i a dumb person like..huh!!why my keyboard have sound? it'll getting worst if i 'm not repair it..but i donnoe what kind of that prob...

in my class only have 2 n new friends...she so larger than her..wat a pity of need to diet ..n still find how the right way to going have heard what that guys said bout me..but me juz wanna hear it..dont want do something..y..?? juz don want fight wit them...mama also gave me advice..n take care of my self hear it lol...dont worry..

dis sunday's mother's day..i me still thingking..of what should me buy 4 my luvly moms,
mama me doonoe waht shoold me but 4 u..what u want..?xtually me bought u rings right ...when u celebrate ur annivesary wit dad..n me also bought dad new jubah..n me very eppy when he said he want to bring dat' jubah when he going to karachi...thank's dad..we missed u..