Saturday, May 07, 2005

sleepy n the sweet memories

me quite sleepy..but me donnoe y me still dont want to me..pliss...somebody help me..after a long time me kept my self in the dark room..y?? me also donnoe,,,xtually me blurr to night n me missed my dad so much...did u feel same thing dad..??

4 de 1st time me cried when me read the holy book..."alquran" surah yassin when nenek past away 1 n half years ago...n 4 de second time i cried when i drove back at home after abg long sent u to seri that time me know..ur r so important in our life...xtually mama,kak cik,caca,adam,asma,also me n kak ila also cried dad..

tonight me read yassin ,,,but me not cry donnoe what me feel right now..may b me missed u a missed nenek too..since she's gone...ur life empty mayb,..that the only thing can i donnoe what u feel ..but me know that u missed her too..

dis sunday's mother's day dad...did u bring or give something to ur mom's..let me give u an idea's...send to her the softly surah...u get the pahala..n she'll get the peace there..insyaALLAH,,,


yusairi said...

teringat lagu Allahyarham Tan Sri P.Ramlee.
tidurlah wahai permaisuri...

anis said...


yusairi said...

hairan betul yus.
awat nak nangis ni.

anis said...

my induks have prob la yus...:)

yusairi said...

your induks tu apa ?

anis said...

induks mean what erk...ihave forgotten bout it la...but it part of our organ in our eyes...maybe lah...n it working as mengeluarkan air mata..salah nasib..hehehe