Tuesday, May 31, 2005

flu+ fever

hhemmm got fever + flu...oh hohh....difficult when i want to sleep...n i can breath like usually..oh hohh..i'm be like dis...l mis him..yes i do..

at the evening ...i chat wif pda...thnx cos be my caunselor..hahaha...some times i think i want break of wif him..sometimes i dont..sometimes i mis him..n sometimes i dont..what kind people of me...juz have a feeling of sometimes..

when me chat wif the same time i chat wif my sayang..he admonish me 1st..some times when ego come up..all things will going our going worst day by day...what shlould me do to make sure that i love him..n he do a same thing..:)me donnoe

when he said that he love me..i'll think..he is a liar..did he..? me donnoe..we stay at a diffrent stage n diffrent's a far away from me..everything can him...n me..

he said thet he missed me...did he..?oh..i donnoe...i cant write flu became worst...aarrgghhh help me...