Friday, May 13, 2005


today kinda bored...thnx alot to kristal...coz came here..huhuhu...

today me go to luv try to caculate my it gonna what..or we will stay to gather..fisrt me caculate me wit raof..huhu..but me not to luck...coz the owner's juz 43%...our relation it over..may be...when arr..?

raof me juz wanna tell u ..sometimes i missed u..sometimes i donnoe y..?my cousin have told me dat i should'nt say dat me hate u..even on dat time i really miss u..but where r u when the times dat i need u..

me dont want dis relation anymore..i think we should break...4 de second ..time..juz give me time to juz wanna concentrate wit my life..only...i think dat best thing dat i should do now..

now i'm mrs lonely..heheh...i'm lonely.i've no body to call my own