Sunday, May 15, 2005

my new layout..

it's nit mine..hahah...juz changed a new it so much...mey b b'coz cute..i like all de cute things...even my kitten i also choose which one cute n i'll take de cute one..huhu..

ana who's one of my freind who also remember me...she juz missed kol me few minute ago..huhu...lately me quite tired..mayb coz i take part time work..huhu...i'm me..need to drinks kacip fatimah..huhu..what wrng wit me..

since me know how to use strike me always use bad word to strike dont want to delete it...juz strike it..wakaka...what de lazy gal in de world..tonight i'm sleepy..but i've met new to know bout her more..

me like her, how she she said...n how she she have sleep may sleepy..gonna sleep missed have remember some one...faizal

like him..very kind n politely person...always say sorry even he not making a mistake..heheh...he have a nice smile...if all of u have see him..u will agree wit what i've said..:)