Sunday, May 29, 2005

miss ma blog

yeahhhh i've changed my layout dis is 1,2,3,4rd layout dat i ve used..i like dis layout so much...dis its abtract ..i ve took it ar i know bout dis blogskin..

ok xtually i know bout it from elle..sha have told me to take lyout from tehre but ..on dat time i dont know how to find i have basic how to change it u have said elle...1ftly it's quite di fficult bcoz we donnoe right..buTt...after we know...we alwayz wanna change it every day..ahak'sss

i missed ma blog..last week we celeberate teacher's kinda u imagine...ok my got..i really bored on dat day..wat kain of teachers are them..but o really apperciate waht they have done to me ...

they have teach me..alot of knowledge..n they never say bored ...of...very luv week i'll sit 4 exam ...wish me luck..:) next week...oh if tomorrow never come..?

i like akim's blog..plaine n simple..n dat song really make me happy..even dat song bout lonely guys...ahakSss..:)akim me like how u talk bout ur life...but dont dosent mean dat we likelove each other right fren..
to mrs lonely...i'm not who like guy juz like dat..i have my own life..n i know today i live bcos of what...:)dont worry akim n me its nothing.u like dosent matter to me...:)