Wednesday, November 30, 2011


after settled down with first trip, now second trip has began. we cant avoid problem but at least try to minimize it!! i dont know why all the lecturer act this way. and we as a student end up paying everything. thank god if you offered your self to pay for it.

thousand thanks to Westport first for the free trip visit. very appreciated it, at least 1 problem is down. to get your approval is already difficult now my proposal got the approval but there is no budget!! to difficult to survive in this field when it comes to money.

sorry guys, you all still need to pay for it. cheap one.!! hope you can forgive me.!!

now i realise i dont have leadership skill. what skill available outside. please absorb into my body, so then i can come out with more more more confident out there!!

dear Allah,

you know what is the best for us, let us cry first, then give us shine, as shine as the sun could be!!

its all my faults anyway!!! i admit smileeee

be strong brain drain! hahha


ciK LyndaWawa said...

anyway..semoga Allah memberikan yang terbaik untuk kita...=]sabar dulu ye...

tieykah said...

be strong drain the brain strain stain

Ape ku membebel ni?

Hans said...

jgn mudah putus usaha
segala2nya pasti baik2 belaka selepas ini

rNesZaiNe said...

Hyep !
Singgah sini semula :)
BAckground comell gila !!
LEp lep purple <3 :)

littledolphin said...

i too dont have leadership skills.keep having problems with my team.urgh!

jangan putus asa kawan! KITA PASTI BOLEH! :)

dian said...

haiii,, salam kenal ia dari dian. ^^
o iya jangan lupa mampir ke blog dian iya di,
wuaaaah.. blog kamu bagus. good luck iya kawan.. ^__^


" Tukeran link juga bisa. "

Qassim said...

Creating a good blog and also maintaining it is the real challenge