Tuesday, December 27, 2011

finally :) here you come


subhanallah its already Tuesday. darling please prepare your self. final is around the corner. waiting your brain to wash all the papers and turn it into great and awesome result in the end of the day later.

i don't want to keep nagging  on something that we know we couldn't change it at all but keep on babbling and nagging. stop it. wake up and realize what you need to do the most here and now is studying and reading.

 i know my dear heart, you wont stay long and happy with all of this. but please bear with  it for a while. pretty sure the sun is waiting for us later. to shine as bright as the moon is at its peak.

the papers are unbearable, this is the first time that i need to facing all this thing. the paper is on 5th, 6th and 8, but it all consist of 4 papers. on 8th we got 2 papers. and both is killer paper. 

regardless talking this and that. i think is the best i open the books and calming my self that everything gonna be okay. and i 'm okay.

oh another headache story. i don't have any place to do my internship. anyone outside there please help me. ohh so troublesome. but its going to be okay. cause ALLAH is always by our side right.

chill and enjoy while taking the exams buddy

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