Tuesday, December 27, 2011

pernah jatuh chenta sme lecturer???

from what i heard it is unethical and immoral for lecturer to fall in love with their student. love is blind. they wont ask your identity before, they just pop up and it ties you with anything that you declare.

gosh. this lecturer is super duper polite. very polite man. his not handsome. his just looks nice and kind. he got it all.

religion. education and stable job obviously. 

we know about his marital status after che mirul bocor kan . heeee

he still bachelor. wow this is what we heard. and i thought wowww should give a chance huh!! what a sengal otak we had aren't we??

i cant move on actually. still at this stake. begging for help. hoping some one will mind my business as them's  and help me.

even thou i know. ALLAH is the Greater,
ya Rahman. bantu aku 

i'm still the loser


tieykah said...


ko jatuh cinta?

Chaza said...

penah.kalau lec tu hensem.!hahaha
tiap2 hari nak class die je kan!haha