Friday, November 18, 2011

you!!! welcome back here

miss you very very very much. as much as this big!!( OPEN MY ARMS WIDE OPEN) <- how bit it was huh!!!

today is frisay, couldnt back, got modul tomorrow morning. seriously i wish i could be there on my sis big day!!  small kenduri for having new house, she's so excited, we even cat her house, its so meaningful even i just help her a bit.

suddenly i missed my sister badly. got tons of test and assignments, but then still relaxing here and there, continuously watching movies and dramas. gonna to abandon the new blog huh!!

oho last tuesday, i attend an interview, super duper leisure interview, i prepared a lot i guessed but nothing extravaganza question. just a plain one and i think you/ others could answer it boldly.

venue: bank syariah muamalat indonesia,kl
time: 11.00 pm ( you know what i came soo early. early as 9.30 am already there.) punctual gile kan???

done with this lol story

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