Tuesday, September 20, 2011

mini accident

this morning .. as always, hectic life here in uitm, but this mini accident happened really in front oh my eyes,

i didnt manage to look at her face, but i am really sure that she so scared on that time, and happen to be, besides me there's another motor rider, so he tried to calm her down, she didnt give a glance at all. shame with what happen maybe. she just go away like that,

what happen. she tried to break her motor, but its too close with the car in front of her, so when the car did break , she shock and tried to break but her leg still up in the motor, so she fell with her motor as well, but she woke up really fast and go ..

pity of her, but this is the story that she gonna tell her child someday right. hahah what she has been thought in order to get a degree :)

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nsb baik xda luka2 kan..:)