Wednesday, November 23, 2011

happy day day day

at first i think its a small matter only, but once i did it, i realized how difficult it was. i was the project manager for the event, insyaALLAH this coming Tuesday, at first all goes well, once i got the approval letter from faculty and transportation unit, madam suddenly call off the trip. she did gives us choice, but to call off the trip is such a waste so we tried to find out another place and alhamdullillah again , approved by senat and so on, again she want some changes to the tentative. what a headache it is huh??

shes a very particular person. i dont think i can get an A for this paper. please madam, just go on with this one!! please. No  i dont hate you. and why should i!!! please guys , pray for me, let it success!!

and another disappointed thing is i didnt manage to it ramen today. she ( this girl) suddenly turned me down! at first say yes later say No. say it out loud, NO at first and let it be No forever darling. but its okay, all this thing happen for a reason ! having our lunch at seksyen 8 shah alam, and it was awesome!!!

and the diet is still on!! beat it baby


tieykah said...

ko rindu ak?


aku esok test
tak sempat nk update

hitamanis said...

hahah rindu tuh perlu ape? aku jugak test gud luck utk ko dan aku

~Nana BamBam~ said...

ok saya doakan anda berjaya yeerr...gudluck :)

Azlan Hasan said...

wow..project manager..good luck to you..may u lead ur team successfully..hehe :)

ILA HonEyBuNNy said...

all the best...

yang pasti kita usaha...doa dan tawakal..insyaAllah leh dapat A..heheh

Anonymous said...

Gud luck ya!!

Juliet_iRa~" said...

madam mmg sll cerewet n perfectionist!huu

all da best dear..:)

wahh still on diet..caiyoooooooo!

Juliet_iRa~" said...

hee...jalan dah ok sbb ira lalu simpang pulai..
org kata lalu tapah tu yang teruk sgt selekohnya..

kat simpang pulai ni ada gak pusing2 tapi still ok lagi..:))