Wednesday, April 06, 2011

kalau berat yang menjadi ukuran..

susah la kan.. aku maleh dah nak pikir2.. hey ALLAH already decided who's going to be our partner, the matter is the time, early or a bit late than others. kind of down when it turn up not so well. stop talking about losing weight because it hurts me even  thou its true.

its just not too good to be true meh this time : <(  i was like, erkk/??? at first i was quite frustrated, but then i keep on telling  my self, ALLAH loves you, that's why he tested you with all this things . so please my dear heart. chill please :)

and since the weight is also the tool of the measurement, so it turned a bit complicated because I'm not the one in the list and as usual its sooooo hurt my feelings seh!!!  frankly speaking i cant act tough anymore, because I'm my heart actually is so so so fragile mehh!!! hahah , I'm not jealous.. heh a bit maybe.. hahah but its natural isn't it?  and I'm not desperate at all when it comes to this matter it just .. what should i say heh.. nature calls maybe ..??? same as when we go to toilet even thou we don't want to, but in order to throw it away we need to. so it is la... hahah quite complicate to understand isn't it? yes it isss

and when ever the weight is the topic of the day, i'll became more and more sensitive even its just a joke!!!
for the sake of my pride, be tough darling :)


.mek.mizah. said...

kene bukak mata beso2 nak bace blog ko neh.. tulisan cacaing keling plak ko pakai.. haahah..

anissssssssss......ko tgh berchenta kee.. lek la, isu weight ni mmg senstiive, aku paham perasaan ko. tp kalau die tanak ape bole buat, at first mmg saket.. tp ape bole buat kan.. keep it up dear, jgn sbb kan laki yg memilih ni hidup kte merana..(padahal aku dah telebeh merana dulu). kekeke..

jgn sedeh2 ok dear :)

ticnube said...

babe... heee.. nasib kite serupe ke.. hahah aku ske la tulisan cacing nih..hahah