Friday, June 17, 2005


went to kerinchi...n back at 3.++ then...went to medan..met ana...hermm..shoelooked..slim then b4..she told me that she "sengkek" last sem..hermm...b4 she wanna buy laptop..but "malang tidak berbau" ...that person lied..all student a uum..not all lah ana ang da genGz they go to police station to make a report..but until now..she havent got that money money return..

ana want meet me becouse she want me follow her,..follow her meet new friend...she told me that she scared to meet that person..that's y she want me go wif her..scared BUT still want meet that!!

she knows that guy...month ago...n now she decide to meet that guy..i think's to early to meet that guy...she dosent know that guy very that guy pon she also donnoe..?how arr..?

donnoe that guy from old r him...she's only know ,that guy still study at penang...poli student..??that's all..!!huh? but dis weekend me working lol...ana..sorry ..if u still want me cobber u...need to wait la until me get my holiday..:P