Thursday, June 09, 2005

new house

when sept have come we will move from here to house...i hate move from one place to another...ohoho...i'm so packing my things...n all our things...ohooohh...

now they still renovate that house..hopefully that house will be like what i dream b4..hahah...carpet grass..waterfall...or ikan emas ermmm what else...ayah...u'll see what we've done wif that house...dont shock ok...:)

ermm today i read bout the boys who missing in the jungle at fraser hill' pity of them..n their family also worried bout them..n the news also told bout the man wif his nephew also missing..hemm...hopefully that they all will be fine..n the rescue will meet them..

ermm i read bout a girl who want to suicide cos..boring wif her life n her family dosent like her..bcos she not pretty like her sista...erk...i dont thing it is a good decision to her..she only 15 n need hepl...she helpless..

today i ask abg syariat to tell me bout his background...but he looked like dont want tell me bout it...he took long time to tell bout him self..hemm...he is a lorry driver n he ever met an xcident n the victim is dead..oh my god..he is a killer..did he?may b that thing make he dont wanna told anyone bout him self..i have no idea wif it..?? bluRr

oh!! now i know y when cristmas all people need cristmas tree..originated from princess what n they what ..n her husband name is what..hahah...i have forgotten bout it..wakakakak...yusairi
i like dat song..:) clasic song isnt'it?


yusairi said...

nakal yer tic ni.
masukkan nama yus kat blog tic tanpa diberitahu. kena bayar royalti ni. hehehe. just kidding.

anis said...

hermm..are u sure me need to pay royalti to lah..yus..uwaa....:(

yusairi said...

just kiddin'

anis said...

fuh...feel beter then b4 wink*

yusairi said...

mana aci wink* pada yus.


anis said... donnoe lah ci p mane..hh...kat blakan pintu kot i'm sure tht u'll not understand it.)heheh