Monday, August 29, 2005


today i'm not working...n we now in oliday...and that oliday will end today...wah!! so tomorrow i'll buzy again with my study n my m uncle came wif arif my cousin..they come to check what they should take to bring all the things here at my new house..:)

when all people go to the berkawad..we also do same thing..but not at dataran..but at our new house..we need to move all the things be4 3's make be easy if we start to move a liltle things on that day..

today i'm so sad...with what happened to untie now stayed here wif today i made a mom's bought all the thing in the morning..but so many guess coming today we dont have time to make it i decide to do it..i dont want to talk bout this aunie

i really like cendoll so much..n i knew it that it will make me smile..:)today i join cn chat room..cause lil bit boring..then i saw sis zie was like usual she will ask me about my mr rite:( ..ermm i really hate tht ques.please dont ask me more..i just hate it..

u know since last time i wont reply his msg i just decide to live alone ...nop with the guy who i love.. why..? that feel have been gone ,i've told my self that i wont this feel back..

what happened btw me n him in past..just let that memories goes wif him ..n i'll make sure 1 day i'll forgot about him..i need to think bout another thing which more important in my life..n i hope my life will be more meaning w/out him beside


yusairi said...

hi tic.
cendol adalah makanan kegemaran yus. sudah lama tic menyepi. ingatkan sudah tak ingat yus. rupanya sibuk pindah. yus ok jer. happy merdeka day. jgnlah bersedih dan cubalah tabahkan hati kalau org tanya hal2 cinta ni. selalunya perkara ini la menjadi beban dan kdg2 jadi seronok. entahlah. very sad to think about it rite now. lagi satu, jgnlah bermasam muka dgn your auntie. just be as good as you are. be cool and smile. Insya Allah, anis pasti akan dikelilingi suasana yang gembira.

yusairi said...


sudah setahun lebih yus tak lawat laman blog anis. anis masih tidak UPDATE blog. adakah anis sudah berhenti drpd blogging. let me know. yus masih disini. take care anis. miss you so much.


anis said...

i will not...
just the new entries...ok...