Monday, August 01, 2005


back from penang ...seriously make me tired..i'm so tired n got a bad headache...n i got fever this morning ..i absent..hermm...n now so lazy...dont want to do lazy..

today's my mom besday..happy besday ma...mama looked so happy...only 28 days left until ayah many thing i like to chat wif him..since he left us...i so missed him..she told me that ,she dont know why she felt very happy...may be..she miss ayah so too..

tomorrow i'll go to class like usuall..even i feel so bad..but i need to many things that i need to do..hopefully averything will be ok..

i hate lady boss movie.. i know that prof can make more than 4 movies in a year..but all his movies cannot give me feel..when i was watching his disspointed


yusairi said...

hi tic,
hasil kerja seseorg tidak semestinya akan memuaskan hati semua org. prof razak tu ada vision tersendiri. dia pun ada idea yang mengcakupi seluruh version of film. cuma kdg2 sykt filem yg mahu film2 sebegini diterbitkan. so, pengarah kena la dgr juga. life ni kena teruskan. so, anything interesting di penang. penat2 gak tapi beritahulah sikit kisah menarik di sana. happy birthday to your mum. oh yer, one my practical student, bakri namanya need to know more about tic. dia kata tic ni misteri orgnya.

tic said...

may be lah yus..but can u see...i dont know what he want to tell avery body wif his movie.....ermm but i;ll should think positive..he has his own vision when he produce any film..