Wednesday, August 03, 2005

rose for rose

the rose is a rose
and always a rose
but the theory now goes
that the apple's a rose
and the pear is and so's
the plum , i suppose
the dear only knows
what will next prove a rose
you, of course are a rose
but were always rose

i like roses so much...three roses mean..

i luv u..still waiting my prince charming bring roses
for me...that will be the most beatiful day i ever had


zampeada said...

gun 'n' roses.

yusairi said...

hi tic,
sebut pasai bunga. tadi around jam 5pm, marketing dept staff dtg minta komen ttg bunga2 ros yg dibungkus lawa berserta Flash Disk. Sempena konvo UTP. mereka nak bukak gerai komputer jual bunga kot. ;)

tic said...

zam:gun n kasar jerk..

yus: hikss..jual komputer dpt free gift bunga beshh tuh..:)