Monday, March 16, 2009

smile for today

ok kali ke tiga aku buat.. o hate it... goshhh tolonggg lahh blogger...::::::
today i bougt new shoe.. VOIR.. it really nice.. really sweet... with that colour.. yuhuu.. the most importance with the cheap price..wakakak.. saving seh.. :)
ok today i help my lil bro.. but i really hope that i can be there help him more... and the best part is because of him i need to call my old fren..

alot of things to chat .. heheh .. miss him actually... it was long ago since we meet each other..masing2 bw diri.. all our old fren name came out..fikri will going to uk.. continue his ACCA.. yun clash with min with tragic story ending...shu putus tunang with iwan..and bad new.. ayah nukman got cancer.. serious lu.. feel sorry for him.. sorry dear..

it will be short when i need to type it again and again.. geram aku ngan blogger nih.. ok two thing yang mrF ni kate yang i would like to post it.. 1st he askem me if im still single.. yes bro.. i am.. heheh,... single mingle.. :) and i swear.. aku sebut tuh.. coz he dont believe me.. dehh..

second he told me that " make sure you tell me when you grad... yess i will dear.. and i told him when he come he need to bring bouquet of roses.. heheh.. and he continue say with.. i will bring the roses and gantunglah ayat lagi.. dr dulu sampai skang.. tak ubah erk..

i like the way i am.. i like to tell the truth even people keep thinking actually i tell them a joke.. but guys please .. sometimes i tell the truth.. i just like that way.. sorry...

and i know because of me lots of people get hurt... im sorry.. please forgive me.. it just me.. i try to change .. but plz give me time...

espeacilly you.. sorry for the tears.. sometimes i dont mean it when i say so... :(

let it end here.. :((


Lie86 said...

Hidup ni macam sampan yang teroleng2 di tengah lautan....

tic said...

yup.. itotally agree. with u dear.. :P