Sunday, March 01, 2009


yuhuuu... this week have been my nightmare..since last Wednesday i got an accidents ...wolla... i am really scared...and i cannot hold my tears...really... rally scared.. i call my dad and really panic..i ask him what should i do... u know the person who hit my car was lecturer here at uitm.. thank god she is lecturer... if not...? hahah i really don't know what should i do/./...but since it already happened what should i do... anyway.. alhamdullillah i not injured at all..and it's already make me happy... then on Thursday my parents come and send Pinko to me.. ermm i really miss her ... but since she 's not mine.. i cant do anything.. because now i got wira.. i want to put together with the picture.. but i already deleted cant do anything correctly.. :(

and they also say.. everything good thing comes when bad things go.. ermmm but it vise versa to me.. good things first and followed by bad thing.. but its still good.. since i used pinko... she become famous lately.. everybody talk about her... ok chayok.. dada.. wish me luck for my mid term.. especially for paper law and economic and also banking operation... tok ayah i miss u.. :) kiss with the love.. muaaahhh

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