Sunday, June 27, 2010

hitam, gemok , pendek.. what a good combination ever

hitam: oh at first it just a color, then it turn to black and get darken , anyway thank you for the insulted, really appreciate it, thanks again. i know it wont hurt you, but it hurt me .. oh it's too hurt...

gemok: aku x makan nasik umah ko kan...? omg.. supposedly after back from mecca , my attitude should change , unfortunately it's not. sorry .. and you deserve it!!!!

pendek: am i asking for this short? no right so keep your mouth shut up.. :)

hahah im happy .. :) tq again

please .. please again and again, if you wanna ask something, please think about others feeling first, sometimes it's just a joke but it can hurt others feelings too. so please, cakap pandang kiri kanan,

and when ever YOU ( im not pointing this finger to you, so it can be anybody) talk about it, you make me feel very sad and frustrated. this feel wont belong to me if you keep YOUR mouth shut up\

i love being my self, i love who am i, thank you ALLAH for everything. i wouldn't ask why? i'm just really thankful for everything , and thank you for those who keep saying that spell too.. :)

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