Tuesday, June 29, 2010

nothing to say.. i just write it here

for the last 5 years, blogging is a compulsory for me, do what ever you wanna do, but then the next thing will be blogging. seems like it's a MUST!!

for last 5 years YES, but not know, nothing to shared, nothing to write, so this blog kinda bored for me and the old readers as well. wondered y?

since i know my writing skills is kinda poor, and i don't even help my self to improve it as well, so no high expectation after all.and i only managed to get what a lame to tell others about your grade since you know it's low (***) for my Bahasa Malaysia, hahah and please don't ask for Bahasa English. the worst language ever.!!

oh you, rima, of course you don't know about this blog, i'm just really impressed with you, your spirit your soul, how you fight with all of them :P cancer? who ever you are when you got it. you feels weak,you die!! but reema is different. i don't know if you know bout it. but for me to act tough and cool are tough already to do. but you did..

wonder? what happen to you in future? since your mom already asking for the miracle , may Allah bless you dear.!

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