Saturday, November 13, 2010

buhsan arr kat sini

buhsan .. terlalu lame dah kat sini.. tapi bile nak pindah ke or close this account i don't even have courage to do so.. what a shame.. sayang;s my treasure anyway..hahahahh something that you can hold for this long period of time and suddenly you just throw it away.. oh no it's just not me!!!

it's not that i don't have any ideas to share, but after a while i do understand that i don't even have any skills or talents to write something interesting. oh yeah that's really me!! and somehow it's do bother me to keeps on thinking about it. nowadays the word interesting it self do bother me more. yucksss.. !!!!

oh yeah to all my friends out side there, did you guys notice that it just another 2 month plus minus that we gonna ends our quarter of life in this century. and yet i'm still alone. diet and losing a weight is not my priority but to get something i need to scarifies something, yes i can do anything but not my weight. ok tu statement bangang. yup i know that you notice it too.

what ever it is, i just can't wait to spend my little precious time with my family on 14th November. and you know, November is my lucky month.. guess why??/ till then..

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