Wednesday, December 22, 2010

i am human

yes i am not perfect, and please don't expect anything much. i'm not even asking for all the clumsiness and non please do understand my situation.

hey aku pon x penah kesah dengan ketidak sempurnaan korang kan, pernah aku tnya kenape kulit ko gelap , no i don't

penah aku cakap nape ko pendek, no i don't too

penah aku kutuk ko dapat result rendah hell no , not even once, but what i did, i do as much as i can to encourage and motivate you back.

so what if im over weight, did i ask your parents money. no right,

im struggle on my on okay.

so what, im only normal human being.

im not god

im not an angel

im not them

it is just me.

i am who i am today. so what?

what that make me so different from others.'

thank you. its really humiliating me.

its really made me felt down

thank you to Allah that made me strong,

and i will not crying for your unreasonable insulting.

it's just a waste of my tears .

it's juts make me look horrible

thank you , and yes i'm the only one different because you made it first

hey buat muke kental sudeh ; nangis diam2 okay


MyeAqma said...

weyh nape???
sape yg ckp buruk psl ko ni?
meh aku tampar dia laju2...

aku said...

yeahh.. ko tlg tamparrr kan kat drg.. belasah terohh.. eiii ape lagi yg lebih kejamm..arrr geramm

MyeAqma said...

hahahah relax2...
nnti aku simbah asid trus..

Yui_Wani said...

Sabar je la.... >_<

Anonymous said...

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