Friday, March 11, 2011

still exhausted

im so so so exhausted, just back from Indonesia last Monday now i need to start packing for this coming event. on Friday!!! i need more sleep even thou at 1st day in Indonesia i always end up my day in bed but still travel made me always tired.

jadi untuk event esok bukan ape pon, just khidmat masyarakat untuk seluruh kawasan dalam selangor. they used student as their bait, and they got more votes from public by doing this since Selangor is p k r Territory's. so we as government students need to respect this decision by attend this kind of activity. it's rarely for me to write something about politic since i don't like it and sometimes don't event bother about it, its not that i'm not interesting but i'm just confused!!..

masalah datang dan pergi, tapi tidak akan berakhir selagi hayat dikandung badan!!

in love with evergreen songs.

hitam putih kehidupan by Sheila Majid

few pictures from Malang Surabaya, Indonesia

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.mek.mizah. said...

aku dah telmabat kah tau ko pegi jalan.. wuwuwuwuw..
pegi endon tak cakap pon.. sobs2..
ko pegi manee???