Saturday, June 18, 2011

berpinau wallet ai .. grr

huh pizza hut? domino's yes and the answer is always YES for my family. do appreciate your prayers, your times and your tears with pizza hut.

am not going to class tomorrow morning. guys please understand. Sunday morning guys.. Sunday, its not Monday yet. but we need to attend class?? oh am sorry but i dont think so

Dear sir,

please don't blame pizza hut nor my family for my absent, its just my wallet wont cooperate with me. No money means no fuel and toll. so with what am i going to pay??

2. i just wanna have your bless, that it. i know am not a good student with good just an ordinary student used to daydreaming while your lecture in the air floating.but am swear to god. am not cheating when am doing the assignment hokay!! exam is next week. its not just around the corner, because the final exam is stated there which is fixed Thursday morning start at 9.00 and ends at 12.00

4.Please be lenient with me and please smile while marking my paper , i know my writing will give you headache. But sir am always obey with your order and always respect you. please give me an A.

thank you



Anisa Hang Tuah said...

lapar pulak

k a k L a m p said...

hahahahah pizza jom

Mamachia said...

mlm2 ni lapar pula..

k a k L a m p said...

hahahhaha sgtttt

kokser kokdam said...

weh, deliver la pizaa ko ambo so.. =D

k a k L a m p said...

hahah habis suda