Saturday, April 28, 2012

baju tunang done!! but

hep hep hep. im so excited to look at my baju tunang. so excited. that i smiled the whole day.

called my sister. she puji so much about the dress. she said so cantik and the color so nice. so when i back from work. straight went to her house. and look at the baju. not bad

pastuh balik. i felt something that baju tuh mcm kecik cket. but i tried to ignore it.and keep on telling my self everything gonna be okay.

pastu change and. sucks!!! baju tuh mmg cantik. but bile i pakai.

oh may god. i cant feel u baju. so bad.
 i looked totally gemoksss yang melampau. kemon. i know my weight is increasing but come on. this not what i want/. spoil my day.

i didnt do my thesis. so stress so what should i do.

baju tunang 

from the start . my preparation went so wrong. start from picking the color. i want dark pink. and neyna said that the color looks too bright and end up took that she likes the most. the main point here who's going to engage here???


hantaran plak. too obvious i love fresh flowers. mama said just used carnation. and neyna same as mama. but the porblem is whos' engage here?/ and here it goes. end up with carnation

tray hantaran

i dont want sthe tray look so messy. and i dont like reben so much. so i tries to lessen it up. but mama, kak ila and NEYNA again is really into reben and renda, so stress guys. come on.. again who's engage here??/
and obvious end up with reben here and there.


saya nak veil tapi mama kate tak payah. tau x kosong sangat.nake beli jugak. klu x kasik aku bako jerk sume nih... hahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

saya sangat tension



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congrate tic..even kite tak kenal pon awk,kite tumpang hepi....