Friday, June 24, 2005


60 days left until ayah back.."

i miss ayah ..sir told me that i need to do more revision bout account...ermm so i need refer to my practical book keeping bck.. i used that book last i still need need to earn money to buy new book..

i joined account clas i need to refer all what they learn before...i need to find out my own time to do more faizal look full of high spirit..after sir told us bout where our own ways after this exaM..:p

so he dicide we need spend one to two hours a day...we need stay back every two days a week...ermm so i gree wif that idea...:P i think ...some thing wrong wif my serebrum or my seleblum..or my medula oblangata..or all of it have problem..

my serebrum now can't control my action anymore...heheh...:P few minutes ago...shuh sms me..she told me..that someone msg her ,that person (donnoe should call that person she or he..)want my phone number...but shuh dont want tell that person..

she told me...she will give my number to that person if that person ...introduce them self..:P
but seriously that person dont want tell i told her juz give my number to that person..few minutes after our conversation...i got 1 missed kol..from new numbers...hermm 016...who erk..?

then...i missed kol that numbers after an hours...:P that guy( i guess) sent me a msg..he told me that he is police from akhirat!!..haha...funny right...police from akhirat...hermm...some one like i know before..may be that guy will be mukhrisin..

dont play2 erk (brush)mukhrisin name in our class
shuh told me that that person not satisfied wif nak gaduh ke...:P
but why this guy looked so funny...hehe..:P

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