Monday, December 08, 2008

kawan lame...

semalam aku sebok menganta msg kat kawan2 sempena hari raya aidiladha... so aku anta jerk kat kawan2 aku yang pakai no celcom jerk sbb krdt maxis aku abis... yang no maxis pon yang rapat jerk... saving le katekan.. :)

bile send to many so aku takleh nak recognise lah sape yang dah delivered ke blom.. n malam tadi aku balik keje lambat almost 3 baru sampai umah so kemas2 n tewos tido lupe hp letak mne...

sudden this mornng when i woke up.. there r 1 msg from unknown number... 1st i just want ignore it... but after i read it...this msg my be from some1 yang aku tau... so i reply.. i told this sender who m i.. n suddenly he was my old friend...heheh.. nice to meet him again...

yes that rite... it was me who send the masg 1st.. and he doesnt know my new number.. so mayb he curious and asked who it is..but actually it's not the thing that i would like to share actually...we had msg for a moment and suddenly my sista and her family come and we celebrate our hari raya together.. so i stop msging him..

last few hours.. this guy call me ... he is my xclassmate.. he was sitting beside me in the class. and most of the group discussion he will be in my we quite close.. but not to close. :)i called him min.. his name is muhaimin.. he was just nice man.. sweet n klaka... n i believe that he will keep my secret that nobody should know bout it but he does.. what my unlucky day that day.. :(

im not really sure how long that our last meet ... but iom preety sure it was long long ago.. :) so it has a lot to talk about.. long a go min ni penah kene scandal ngan our class mate gak le .. yun .. i called her yun.. n she younger than me.. but both of them keep argue and avoid when we ask how the progress about both of them.. so suddenly he told me he got dump by was suprise me for sure.. n i keetell him.. dulu ko kate tak.. then he reply.. after spm baru kite org couple la.. ooo i see.. :)

min kate.." aku geram ngan yun.. die putus ngan aku .. almost 7 month aku hidup merana.. and he keep crying even in the class..aku kesian.. gak le kat min.. n aku yakin kalu pe yang min cakap tuh betol.. sbb yun nih kadang2 die ckp putaq belit.. so aku pon tak bape nak pecaya sgt le ngan die nih.. ntah nape.. :(

pe2 pon.. yang aku rase pelik dalam perbualan kiteorg selama hampir setengah jam tuh.. aku dapat rase yang min sgt berubah... tone suare die.. cara die bercakap.. tak same macam min yang dulu.. nampak dulu min selalu kene gelak sbb perangai die n karakter die yang slow tuh.. anyway aku rase skang die mstio dah berubah n tobe2 aku tingat waktu kite org wath gathering min pakai tie yang ade bulu merak.. heheheh.. :) klko.. :)

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