Monday, November 22, 2010

just the way you are

i love this song .. really loves this song.. actually when first time Bruno Mars came out with the song title billionaire i already fall in love with his voice. not his face or etc..

you know something special about Bruno. his voice too smooth, or we cant even touch it, but it just too amazing to listen on it. try then you know what i mean just know.
he even can sing in the low or high pitch as a singer it is not something that we can proud with,

but i'm really love when he bring along the feels on it. oh yeahh ... so sexy and superb.and the lyric if im not mistaken, it is a part of bible verses? i'm just asking too curious actually. if yes.. ughhh.. terpaksa lupe kan la kan .. for sure.

oh just the way you. be the same you are.

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