Sunday, May 01, 2011

you think you can dance..???

the philosophy is there, it just the matter of if you against it then you are the loser,
however not all the philosophies written can be used and state the statement clearly.
the fact is, when we hate someone, we going to ignore about them, we going to say bad things about them, but whenever the world change the rules in the game. you started to stammering. you know why???

when the person you hate the most, help you out and suddenly you realized that the one that worst the most in this world is you. yes your self.

this is not the first time it happens to me. i was like. is this real. oh no HE just showed you how world can turn up side down and vice HE can turn this world against the philosophy, and how this happen with or without a reason and I..? yes and I still looking at him with annoying face. what a poker face!!!

some how when you with your closest friends, you feel that. yes this is. they really know me well, they wouldn't talking back. they sincere with this relationship. that's what we called as ridiculous , what a nonsense!!

you may look at them as what you called as best friend, but you don't know, somehow they are talking back.!!

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