Sunday, June 19, 2011

and i just like another girl

tatau nak tulih hape. nak study beno nye.

yeh am just like another girl in this world.

craving to death to have someone to love
crying till eyes becomes a panda to have a pair of shoe
wishing to have a very blast life
praying to make sure those around me have a wonderful time
struggling to diet in order to have a nice body
dreaming to have Mr right with thick pocket am not sure bout this hu hu

last but not least please pray for me, wish me luck in my final exam. even thou only a paper. but it does feels like tough!!


qila~ said...

paper kobau tu ka kak?hehe.. gud luckk!!!

MyeAqma said...

eyh? ada exam lg? ouh yg short course tu eyh?
gud luck babe! jom join GA aku :)

k a k L a m p said...

qila: hahah ingt ko erk..

mye .. ape2 sat g aku p