Sunday, March 25, 2012

too bz

assalamualaiukum ...

salam manis. salam sayang salam rindu and salam mengantuk. its 3.18 am in the morning and my eyes wide open.

life is too bz when i said YES to him. thank you ALLAH for this happiness, never thought that i will go thru all this things you know. i never expected it will turn out this well. i never expected that he is the one. i never expected that in a month he will be my fiancĂ©e

he said that i am 30% hes' . another next step probably in may,  when we done with our engagement half is hes'.

scared?? obviously i am. thinking of him sometimes could turn gloomy face to happiest face ever. it changes in a min. hopefully it last till the end. insyaALLAH.

so i am the bride to be. happy? alhamdullillah. i think now i can accept him and his family.


baju dah beli. tempah jerk belom.
hantaran x sentuh ape2
pelamin dh tempah tp tiba2 nak ubah pikiran tak nak yang tu plak.

stop psl tunang.

thesis tak gerak langsung. so nak jmpe masterji esok. and study gegile. msti siap before monday morning.. ble plak kan.???

internship plak.

peh rase nak pengsan keje... siyessss

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