Wednesday, April 11, 2012

bad news is always a good news

trust me buddy, there's no such a bad news, its actually a pre-good news. ALLAH just want us be thankful, shows our effort into it and always begging like a beggar to HIM, then HE without hesitates will granted all your wishes, the thing to be considered is time ONLY..

as we all know, to book hall at putrajaya is not as easy as we thought, ayah went to putrajaya 2 days ago to book hall for my wed, but unfortunately all is full until early of Jan, probably until June, surprisingly after discussed with my lil bro, he suggest that we have our ceremony at his place. For the 1st time he giving out a very convincing idea, thank you.

and now, finally , i got mine!! alhmdullilah ya ALLAH.

place will not be shared until i distribute the card

praise to ALLAH, and dear friends , please doa for me. thank you love you.

ehem where are you.?? i couldn't contact you at all, hearing that tsunami is attacked back made me scared,, are you okay out there?


CekbOlat-bOlat said...

okay je kat sini .. ekekekek XD

alhmdulillah msih bernafas.. syukur XD

zaujah until jannah said...

awok kat ner..?? alhmdullillah klu ok

Juliet_iRa~" said...

alhamdulillah xda apa2 y jd kan..:)

zaujah until jannah said...

alhmdullillah sume slmat