Friday, December 07, 2012


yeah finally. have courage to face the truth. take it or leave it heart.
oh tq so  much for the 1st commentator. because of her i decided to writing back. 

alhmdullillah praise to ALLAH. 13 days to go. my dad keep on counting the numbers down. some how i feel really sad.

ayah nape asik kire hari jerk ni. and he said" cam x caya nak bg anak dkt org" awww sgt sedih! i dont want to think about it anymore. lagi pon i still tgl dlm selangor. i keep on telling my parents even thou i  already married. but i still akan menghantui kehidupan drg. hahahha for sure every week drg akan tgk muke aku ni!! yeah!! so happy

bad things happen for reasons. move on. and please be happy dear heart.

oh yeah we managed to get a house. simple but nice. the owner is a teacher. her wife too. he worked in sabah last 5 years if i not mistaken. where cikeding hometown is,so another xcited side of him!! paint the house with green color. ahhh i dont like the color. and yellow at the out side. you know how difficult to deco the house with that daring color.kalau ijau lumut ok. ni terang gile. papepon tq so much cikguu.

oh yeah. rumah tu kan dapor die cenonet sgt. mcm tau2 jerk yg aku x tau msk. hahah yeah!!! aalalal kene blaja masak la pas ni! ade keburukan jg kan klu ade restoren ... anak sume x pndai masak.

any suggestion for me, what color for curtain?? since the wall is all green . so much green. serabut! cikeding suke la kaler tuh. punye la xcited!!!

alhmdullillah brg x yh beli byk. maklom la cikeding da ade sume. legeee :) jimat sebenarnye

preparation kawen masih lagi kelam kabut!! all DIY is so difficult!!


Kak Zue said...

ehh nak menikah yer? alhamdulillah..tahniah yer dari kaklong...semoga berbahagia sehingga ke akhir syurga.

kalau ijau semua..bykkan kaler putih kut deko...ehehe so boleh balance...:)

Congrats in advance ...

ellieandcarl'sstories said...

kak long tq so much. klu free dtg tau.. :0 heeee putih.. ermmm mmg cntik klu putih hijau mmg lawaaaa