Friday, December 07, 2012

kerja ke blaja

oh yeah. i m not working nor studying! so what am i doing here. this organization so called FSTEP, i wont explain any further about it. wnt to know bout fstep. pls google it. we have mr google on house rite???

we have our training for a year. 6 months class basis another 6 months in on job training!.

 so who sponsored me??

tq so much HLB (islamic) sudi terima i seadanya
while we having our taining here. our sponsored bank will provide allowance to us.

how much are they paying?

oh its depend on who sponsored you.min pmt is( check dkt fstep website ok) but really worth ;) sbb no max amout. it can be any amount the bank want to gv u.

are you bond with the bank?
 yeah a year, and depends to the bank sometimes they want to extend another year. so my case it 2 years!! so happy... :0

who else the sponsored bank?
all banks and insurance company in malaysia :)

interestd?? contact fstep for next batch ok