Sunday, May 23, 2010

i dont care

Current mood: sad

i done even care when u screamed like a scene in scary movie to me

i dont even care when u crying

i dont even care when u hurt your self

this is what i keep saying , but from the bottom of my heart this is not it,

u may say i'm harsh

u may say i'm bad

but did u know that i care?

u can hurt me

u can slap me ( if u dare)

u can insulting me too if u want

but not to her,

not to my mom

she's yours too..

i know u know

i know it's hurt

but you hurt her more

may ALLAH bless u

but, i wish i could slap u, not just only one but more than that

i wish that tooo..:)

am i just gone so far, no i dont think so

please change while u have the time

i dont want u to regret now,not later, when u realize it,

it's already late for you.

please do so,

love you but hate you more


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