Tuesday, June 01, 2010

tuhan layak kah aku..?

hari nih aku nye mood sgt la bagush.. at least i can smile brightly compared to yesterday. oh the sucks~ monday... gile buhsan..thanx GOD,,, the good news is just like a flowers that blossom with nice smell... even i dont really know the name ..

really hope happy ending. and anyway life must go on even your tears will never stop coming through your small eyes. nobody cares, nobody knows what is going on, only U and ALLAH, so what are you going to wait , just go on, make a move , do some prayers, and doa too.

i'm praying hards, i wont let they know, it's enough to cater all the broken heart, and i'm pretty sure that the time will come. just wait patiently , GOD knows better than U..just prepare your self, and confident.


MyeAqma said...

makcik, doakan aku murah rezeki n segala perjalanan pembinaan masjid aku berjalan lancar ek..

makcik, nk kismis nan air zamzam ok!

.mek.mizah. said...

jgn mengalah! itu je! :)

aku said...

mye: ok dear.. nnt aku doa kan utk ko erk... :P inysallahh.. aku belikan..

mek. thnx alot dear.. :P jgn mengalah..