Wednesday, February 09, 2011

apa ade sume ni

arghhh idop ni memacam, sebenor nye tadak arah pon nak nulis malam ni, abis kan 11 episod anime, 1 movie italian job, and now finally i've courage to open up my heart to open book. yaww let go to school. study is my priority.

while listening the sign by Brown eyed girls with the highest volume ever. can you feel it. it just like we are there, on their concert. oh what an amazing feeling.i want it more. and yes i don't even understand it at all just SIGN is the word that i could understand clearly.

"life is such a mystery, love is more mysterious but the one who fall in love is the best"- quoted by me, so give the credit to me. !!!! poyossssssssssssssssss

oh GOD please give me sign,sign ta ta ta ta

and for this week, tomorrow is the last class, heaven kan... tapi kene bangun awl.. arghhh i still can make it.


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