Friday, May 06, 2011

tingin nak ade blackberry

sume orang ade keinginan kan.. saye juga.. and if you look at economy perspective, it a simple word we can defined economy as how to study human behavior with limited sources but unlimited wants..a actually it is my word. what thee... hahah

don't know suddenly i think this little blackberry is so awesome, this gadget is everywhere and all people use blackberry now. iphone yes it nice but when we have it, its no longer nice and attractive in you r point of view right???

is there anyone out there? really care about me..?? haha please buy me blackberry and in return im gonna love you till my las breath in this world.superb kan.. am not going to do it to all but to those who's gonna buy me blackberry only.

last night ayah already flight to Germany, and mom looks a bit exhausted, preparing this and that, do her best for her beloved husband. if ayah tak syuko tatau la. but i know ayah loves mama more than everybody does kan..??

i still left with 3 papers, and it will ends this Tuesday, i mean next Tuesday. hope everything going to be alright.

i just wanna have a good grade. flying colors not flying papers. no no no.
sir please be lenient to me, and while you marking my paper please always remember all my good deeds to you, if i have laa hahah ~!

gambate neh!!

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