Monday, June 18, 2012

save the date!

nop nop nop. its no what are you thinking guys. its not the date am getting married. but!!!

this is the VIVA date.
this coming monday!

oh am i so excited till i cant close my eyes!
oh am i so eager to know the result ?

oh korang tolong2 doa kan saya.

am sttill at collecting data stage where i supposely already and conclusion at this time.

bismillahirahman nirahim. hahahah takot beb


PinQib said...

YIYA ke VIVA? ape menda tu?? gud luck yer =)

Kai said...

ontong la Monday...kitorang friday ni kottt hahahaha gila gila gila gila analisis x siap2 lagi niiiii!!!

Iffah Afeefah said...

jgn kate viva

thesis pon xstat lgi


Mrs. Amad said...

psl wed dress tempah kat ipoh je..kat area ampang,ipoh.