Monday, May 30, 2005

what wrong wit me today

today i go to b4...i'm late today..then i need to find park my i deside to park my car beside lrt stetion.. oh my got, it exspencive.. i heve forgotten dat i only have one paper mean i back early...but should i do..i have paid n i late..sigh*

then go to clas...the subject have been changed ohh...tension..!! i read onother bookk..not dis history now need to change it..shistory...arrgghh..
still do come me wanna drop it..i'll fail if i drop dis subject..

at back..n go to lrt train at 10 min left...juz wait at station..dowanna go anywhere...quite tired train..i tired n my body very sick..ohh what wrong wit i got sleep..very well..but i have miss my station..arrgg...then i need to change my station i get down from train..i back to the my last station..

when lunch..i so at 3..i go find some food..but they have finished it..huarrggg...i'm is a tension day 4 me..i got headche